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Residential Conveyancing – Would Sir (or Madam) Like A Quote With That?

In a somewhat surprising survey, researchers claim that nearly 2/3rds of firms refuse to give quotes over the phone…

Of those who do, the majority allegedly won’t risk the cost of a phone call to see whether the (potential) client is happy to go ahead.
Such an archaic view in the 21st century beggars belief.
At Wilson Browne Solicitors we’ll not only do our best to give you a quote there and then, we’ll follow-up and liaise with our clients, potential or otherwise, every step of the way.
We’re upfront about costs with absolute transparency over fees from the start. There’s no long list of possible add-ons: in fact there are very few.
It also goes without saying that it’s the overall final cost that matters not the headline price, where that tempting ‘all inclusive’ price that some firms quote, may not be so ‘all inclusive’ as it seemed.
There’s no nasty surprises or unexpected charges – if something falls outside the realms of ‘the normal’ we’ll let you know and keep you informed every step of the way.
Our expert Residential Conveyancing Team concentrates on the legal side of things, so you can concentrate on the fun aspects – like choosing your new furniture and colour schemes…

….and you can quote us on that! Call us today on 0800 044 8105 to find out more.