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Promising Premiership Footballers Career Cut Short Due To Avoidable Failures

Radwan Hamed was aged 17 in August 2006 when he commenced his first professional football career for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in Belgium.

Unfortunately during that game he suffered a cardiac arrest causing his heart to stop for many minutes and his brain starved of oxygen.  Fortunately Radwan survived but with serious injuries.
Radwan’s collapse could have been avoided as despite having scans showing that his heart was unequivocally abnormal, Radwan was allowed to continue playing football.  There was insufficient communication between doctors who carried out the scan and the doctors at Tottenham Hotspur.
Mr Justice Hickinbottom ruled that the Club was 70% liable and Doctor Peter Mills, the Football Association’s Regional Cardiologist for South East England was 30% liable.
Tottenham Hotspur have however been indemnified by their sports physicians they previously employed.
The compensation ordered was an undisclosed figure, but it was understood to be around £7 Million.
It is hoped that Tottenham Hotspur and other Football Clubs can learn from this decision and ensure that any abnormalities are picked up and investigated further.