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No Care Fees To Pay – No news is good news right?

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

When a loved one passes away, the estate is settled and eventually things move on.

However, I have received multiple phone calls from executors or former attorneys who have relied upon, to their detriment, the ability of care homes and/or Local Authorities to invoice clients in a timely manner for outstanding care fees.

In many cases this has been 2-3 years after the person receiving the care has passed away and the estate has long been settled. Invoices can be anywhere in the region of £60,000 passed to loved ones of a deceased person who do not have the funds to pay for it and have nowhere else to turn.

It should not necessarily be the job of a loved one who is already dealing with a bereavement to chase care home and/or local authorities for invoices that may not may not exist. However, due to pressures at both care homes and Local Authorities it is not wise to rely on their administrative capabilities.

I always advise clients to contact the institutions to gain a final balance of care fees owed by the deceased to avoid any future shocks when an invoice arrives and needs to be paid.

Every day, ordinary people find themselves caring for, or having to make decisions for someone else, perhaps due to age, illness, or accident. The issue of caring for a loved one, acting for someone who has lost capacity of challenging care funding or care home funding can be complex. Fortunately, we are experts and can assist with care home fees applications to the Court of Protection on behalf of clients to make a decision to appoint someone to manage a person’s financial affairs if they are no longer able to do so.

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