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New Research Shows Women Significantly More Likely To Waive Pension Rights In Divorce

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A quarter of women would give up pension rights compared with just a fifth of men according to the latest research by Legal and General*.

This will inevitably have a significant long term impact as women tend to have less personal pension wealth particularly if they have taken time out to raise children.

Men currently below the state pension age have higher active pension wealth than women more often than not because women are typically paid less, with 74 per cent of men likely to be the primary earner.

For those aged 65 years and over, men’s pension wealth becomes double that of women £223,933 for men vs. £112,967.

At the point of divorce, a whole range of emotions are at large and there is much to consider so the focus is more on the financials of here and now such as dividing the family home and any maintenance payments.

Helen York, Family Law Partner commented;

“It is vital for all our clients, both male and female to find out how much their respective pensions are worth and to think about how to divide them fairly because for many clients pensions can be worth more than the family home.”

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Full Legal & General article here

Helen York


Helen York


Helen is the Deputy Senior Partner at Wilson Browne and a member of our Family Law Team. She has acted for clients across Northamptonshire for over 25 years and has a long established reputation for acting for clients in the Wellingborough area and regularly sees…