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Latest Figures for Possession Orders Published

The Ministry of Justice has published its latest summary of the statistics for County Court possessions in the last quarter of 2015 (October to December 2015). These show that in that period the majority of landlord possession claims were brought by social landlords (62%) – in the period a total of 36,601 claims were brought, down 4% on the same period last year.

In the period October to December 2015 a quarter of claims issued by landlords used the accelerated possession procedure, no doubt helping the reduction in the average time from lodging a claim to achieving an Order to 12 weeks.
Possession Orders themselves showed a 6% reduction in the same period last year with 28,476 Orders being made – of those 39% of the Orders made were Suspended Possession Orders. Some 118,481 Possession Orders were made in 2015, a drop of 7% on the previous year.
The issue of Warrants for Possession remained at very similar levels to the same quarter in 2014 but the level of repossessions fell by 6%. To read the full report click here.