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Importance of a "final order" in family law

Married in ’81, divorced in ’92 but without a final order dealing with finances.  Over 20 years later the Supreme Court has ruled, a former spouse is able to make a financial claim against her former husband – even though any and all of his wealth was acquired/built up/accumulated  from ’95, three years after the divorce.
The debate is well underway about what now amounts to “fairness” within divorce proceedings.  Will the law be changed as a result of this case? That is yet to be decided but what is certain is that many divorced couples will be checking whether they have the certainty of a final order (in a recent year it is estimated that 500,000 did not)dealing with issues of income, capital and pension benefits and those going through proceedings will be planning on ensuring such an order is made in their case.
Those in either of those circumstances should ensure that they get specialist Family legal advise to find out whether they have either a viable claim that they can make or are at risk of a claim being made against them.
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