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How Many Times Have You Said It And Then Forgotten All About It?

Amongst many of the important documents that you sign throughout your life, a Will should be one of them and how your Will is prepared is even more important.

There is a good chance that a homemade Will or using a Will pack can lead to errors such as the Will not being signed properly or dependants’ being left out. This in turn can lead to the Will becoming invalid or disputes between those that believed they should have been beneficiaries.

A professionally-drafted Will, tailored to suit your individual needs ensures that your wishes are carried out regarding your assets, guardianship of your children and any specific gifts you wish to make. It can also help to reduce your dependants’ liability for inheritance tax.

If you already have a Will, we applaud you, because you understand the importance of having the Will in place. What has changed since you filed it away? Maybe you got married, had a child, experienced the loss of a loved one, got divorced, moved jobs, up-sized, down-sized, started your own business or bought a holiday home abroad. How will you know whether your Will still works for you?

If you’re thinking of updating a Will or are concerned about whether you should, you can also book an appointment for a Free Will health check.

Cost is a factor that can put some people off making a Will but on Monday 10th February if you book an appointment to come and speak to us at Wilson Browne Solicitors we will give you 20% off the cost of your Will. Standard Single Wills start from just £245 (excluding VAT). To keep things simple, no matter what the issue, we’ll be able to give you a clear indication of the final cost after the first meeting.

Simply call 0800 088 6004 on Monday 10th February to book your appointment within 28 days. Terms apply see

Naomi Edwards


Naomi Edwards

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Naomi is an experienced marketing professional with a proven success record within a number of industries. She works closely with the BD & Marketing Director and Marketing Partner to ensure Wilson Browne Solicitors is the firm of choice in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.