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How ‘Local’ Is Your Solicitor?

Attracted by full page adverts and glossy information packs from ‘local’ solicitors?

Lured by the promise of something new?

Do your homework first.

Is that ‘local’ solicitor really local?…..or do they operate exclusively from rented offices in your town or region? There’s a difference between having an established local presence, augmented by some additional ‘virtual offices’ where one can conveniently meet or drop-off papers, and having no permanent ‘footprint’ in the area beyond an office rented by the hour.

  • Will your ‘local’ solicitor still be around when you have a query? Can they trace their local history, as we can? (nearly 200 years, to be precise)
  • Will they offer FREE Will health checks?
  • What about FREE Will storage?
  • Can they register your Will on a national database to ensure your heirs can be traced?
  • Is your ‘local law firm’ actually a law firm or an organisation that ‘harvests’ leads and ‘farms’ them to a panel of individuals?
  • Is your chosen law firm a LEXCEL accredited one, which means it has met certain standards for practice management and client care?
  • Is your solicitor or the team he works within featured in The Legal 500, a who’s who of the legal profession?
  • Are they solicitors?

Solicitors are regulated and have specific requirements in terms of keeping their knowledge up to date. Also, an unregulated Will Writer could leave you £££££ out of pocket (See more here –
The beauty of a free market is that the consumer has a choice…just be careful how you exercise that choice and ensure you are in possession of all the information.

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