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Have Any Lessons Been Learnt?

With the 2017/2018 financial year coming to a close, last year NHS Resolution reported that the NHS paid out over £1.08bn in damages to claimants for clinical negligence in the financial year of 2016/2017. It was further reported that the number of negligent claims being brought had reduced by 2.05% but the costs of claims for damages went up by 14% from the year 2015/2016.
The chief executive of NHS Resolution stated last year that “our review highlights the extent of the financial challenge that negligence presents to the NHS”.
Our Specialist Medical Negligence Team consider that bringing claims to the attention of the NHS is so important to provide patient’s access to justice.  If these claims were not made there would be a missed opportunity to learn from the mistakes and then put them right to ensure they don’t happen again. The majority of patients want to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen to someone else when pursuing a complaint or claim.
It was further reported at the time NHS Resolutions had been focusing on managing maternity claims to better support their staff but despite this, it was still reported that 50% of claims they dealt with were in relation to maternity matters. This could mean what should be a joyous moment for the parents can become a traumatic experience.
Considering it is widely reported how stretched the NHS is and the lack of monetary resources there are, this is an area they can reduce their expenditure and invest in a safer NHS.
With the annual report due in the coming months, it will be awaited with baited breath as to whether lessons have been learnt, making the NHS a safer environment for those in need of care.

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