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Family Law : Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…


…but don’t stay together for our sake, say children.

Data from Resolution shows 82% of 14-22 year-old’s who have endured family breakups would prefer their parents to part if they are unhappy.

A survey by Resolution shows that about eight out of ten children and young people with experience of parental separation or divorce, would prefer their parents to split up if they are unhappy, rather than stay together.
14-22 year olds with experience of parental separation were polled regarding the levels of involvement and information they would like during their parents’ divorce. The findings are released ahead of a Parliamentary launch of new advice for divorcing parents.
An overwhelming majority said that (despite their feelings at the time) they felt it was ultimately better that their parents divorced rather than stay together unhappily.
When asked what they’d most like to have changed about their parents’ divorce, 31% of young people said they would have liked their parents not to be horrible about each other to them, and 30% said they would have liked their parents to understand what it felt like to be in the middle of the process.
Positively, Resolution’s research also showed that many parents are handling their separation admirably. 50% of young people agreed that their parents put their needs first during their separation or divorce.
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Sally Robinson, Head of the Family Team at Wilson Browne Solicitors adds:

The old view of divorce is that it is a horribly adversarial process, but we always try to help parents involved in a divorce to reach an amicable solution and, to keep the needs and the feelings of any children at the front of their minds. For instance, there are different routes that can be taken, one of which could involve mediation. Family mediation can be used to help separating couples resolve issues that arise, during or after separation or divorce in a constructive and structured way.
Mediation isn’t always appropriate for everyone though, and where it isn’t, we still strive to reach an amicable resolution through solicitors where possible.  Ultimately, Court proceedings may need to be issued in a small number of cases to resolve a protracted dispute, but we always persist in reminding the couple throughout to consider the needs and feelings of their children. We can help with whatever route is taken due to having an experienced team of family specialist lawyers and a family mediator on hand.