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Is there a lack of transparency within the Family Court Justice System?

There was an article that appeared in the Daily Mail recently, dealing with a father from Norwich who says he has spent ten years trying to have contact with his daughter through the Family Court System and maintaining that he has spent over £500,000.00 on legal fees during the course of his Court application.

This case has highlighted the issue over what some people feel is a lack of transparency within the Family Court Justice System.
As one would expect all the hearings in respect of this particular case were held in private but this has raised an on-going issue about alleged lack of transparency.
This follows on from a Report in March published by academics at Cardiff’s University School of Law and Politics which said that people had a “patchy understanding” of the Family Justice System in England and Wales as Judges were not consistently following guidance on the publication of case rulings.
The father in this particular case has asked for details of his case to be released anonymously so lessons can be learned.
The Report from Cardiff University did conclude that only twenty seven Judges sent more than ten cases to the British and Irish Legal Information website for publication in a two year period.
Guidance has been given to Judges to routinely publish their Judgments but it would appear that perhaps this guidance is not being followed.
Some Judges may feel that they do not have sufficient time to produce Rulings that can be made available in anonymised form.
Contact hearings dealing with children are held in private to primarily protect the identity of the children concerned.
However, it may well be helpful to the public at large if details of cases could be published anonymously so that people have a better understanding of why Judges are making the decisions that they are.
Source Daily Mail 
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