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Dealing with an Estate after the death……..

……. of a loved one can easily become contentious (i.e there are disputes) where there are blended families and second marriages, as seen in the case of Thornton and others v Woodhouse and another.
The Claimant Executors, the deceased’s son, second wife, and two solicitors, sought a Grant of Probate (a necessary step to get “official approval” before you can distribute an Estate) for the deceased’s last Will, in 2009. The Defendant daughters of the deceased disputed the validity of the 2009 Will and sought pronouncement in favour of an earlier Will signed in 2001. They also sought the removal of the second wife and son as Executors and Trustees of whichever Will was held to be valid and the addition of an independent Executor and Trustee.
This case highlights how difficult it is to remove a personal representative, regardless of intense hostilities with the beneficiaries.
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