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Conscious Uncoupling

The song is right – breaking up is hard to do. When a relationship ends couples will understandably spend time looking back at what has gone wrong (and why) and considering the future in a new way.

The Gwyneth Paltrow / Chris Martin split famously coined the phrase “conscious uncoupling” and many were quick to pour scorn on the term. But in many ways it is a very sensible concept.
When you consider the planning and agreement that goes into the start of a relationship, the compromises and the management of expectations, should arrangements after breaking up be any different?
The beauty of family mediation is that the couple work together to deal constructively with issues that arise from the ending of their relationship. Matters that may be troubling them can be identified and solutions worked out to ensure that the future after being together can be addressed, with as much agreement as possible.
There is comfort and certainty too in working out the details together – each person will be able to decide what works for them, what is acceptable and what is not – so that a consensus can be reached between them.
Mediation can also prove a far quicker route to the agreement of how the future will look – often saving months of worry, not to mention legal costs.
There will always be occasions when mediation is not right for a couple – one size does not fit all – but, if there is a willingness to compromise and to work constructively on making the future after ending of a relationship as good as it can be, this is a process with real benefits.

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