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Do You Recognise The Early Signs Of Dementia?

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Development of a dark or warped sense of humour in a loved one could be an early sign of dementia.

A recent study carried out by the University College of London has shown a clear link between a change in sense of humour and frontotemporal dementia (one of the less common forms of dementia).

Questionnaires completed by the family and friends of the 48 patients in the study found that many had noticed a change in the patients humour many years before dementia was diagnosed.

The part of the brain that is affected by this type of dementia governs the personality and as a result many of the patients had developed a dark sense of humour, laughing at tragic or distasteful events, losing their inhibitions, becoming more impulsive or struggling with social situations. In one particular case, one man had laughed when his wife was badly scalded, another patient who had always been loving and family focused became increasing less involved and emotionless and many began to favour slapstick humour where they had not in the past.

If you are have noticed any of the characteristics in your family member it may be time to consider making plans for their future well being or financial management.

Please contact our Specialist Team to discuss your options and for expert advice on how to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are put in place for their future

Vicki Pearce


Vicki Pearce


Vicki is a Partner and head of our Private Client Team and our Care Funding and Court of Protection Team . She is based in Northampton. As head of both teams she is able to bring her expertise and obvious overlaps into both areas of…