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Can I make arrangements for my pet in my Will?

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When it comes to making a Will, decisions are made as to who is going to get the house, cash, jewellery, but what about your beloved pet?

We are a nation of animal lovers and pets are part of the family, but what if they outlived your? Would you want to leave their care to chance?

UK law regards pets as personal possessions as well as things such as cars, jewellery, paintings etc and so can be included in a Will.

You may have someone in mind who is willing to look after your pet and you may wish to also leave a sum of money to assist with the upkeep. A clause can be included in the Will to this effect.  If there is no one who is willing or able to help, some charities offer schemes where they will rehome your pets in a suitable caring home.  This can be pre-arranged with the charity and can also be mentioned in the Will to ensure that upon your death the charity is contact and your wishes carried out.

Providing for your pets in a Will gives you peace of mind that they will be taken care of when you are no longer here.

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Suzanne Clifford-Brown


Suzanne Clifford-Brown

Associate Member of CILEX

Suzanne is a Trainee Legal Executive in the Wills, Trusts and Probate team advising on a variety of matters including Wills, probate, trusts, inheritance tax and lasting powers of attorney