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Breast Procedure Negligence

Wilson Browne’s specialist Medical Negligence team acted for a lady in pursuing a claim against Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, for the substandard treatment that she received by the hospital when she underwent a breast reconstructive procedure.
This lady had a history of breast cancer, due to which she underwent a lumpectomy and a course of radiotherapy sessions. Following radiotherapy treatment she underwent several attempts of fat transfer to obtain symmetry of the breasts. The hospital doctors advised this lady to undergo a reconstructive surgical procedure to reduce the size of her left breast with the aim of achieving better breast asymmetry and aesthetic appearance. Therefore, she opted to undergo this procedure, however most disappointingly the method and surgical procedure utilized resulted in a worst outcome.
This lady was left with vast asymmetrical breasts with her left nipple in a significantly higher position than she had prior to the procedure and therefore resulted in an unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance. Due to these asymmetry problems this lady had to undergo further corrective procedures with subsequent issues leading to distress, severe embarrassment which ultimately led to her developing a depressive disorder requiring treatment.
The claim was pursued on the basis that had the index procedure been performed appropriately with the appropriate level of care and management, this lady’s left breast and nipple would have been placed in a more symmetrical position which would have led to a better aesthetically and acceptable outcome. We further alleged that this lady would have avoided additional surgical procedures, significant distress, embarrassment and depression that she suffered following the index procedure.
We investigated the Claim and relied on evidence from a Consultant Breast Surgeon and a Consultant Psychiatrist. The case progressed and proceedings were issued at court.
Wilson Browne secured a five figure sum in compensation for the pain and suffering that that this lady went through.

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