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Final report of the Ockenden review

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We wrote an article on the initial findings of the Ockenden report last year and this week the report has been published in full prompting both the Government and the Hospital Trust to make public apologies to the families affected.

The investigation started looking into the concerns of 23 families and soon expanded to 1500 families with poor experiences from 2000 to 2019. The report concludes there were avoidable neonatal deaths stillbirths, birth injuries, and maternal deaths.

The report went into detail on a number of individual cases and it is clear that a pattern of poor care emerged across those cases again and again over a number of years.

Some of the failings identified included failings in management, staff, training, attitude, systems, and poor practice.

The Government has said that the recommendations have already started to be implemented and they will continue to implement and improve the service not only at the Trust involved but in all maternity services across the country.

For the families involved who have fought long and hard for justice, this report will be bitter-sweet but will hopefully allow them now the opportunity to properly grieve. All women will be grateful for their efforts which will hopefully make childbirth safer in the future.

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Louise Tyler


Louise Tyler


Louise is the Head of the Medical Negligence Team working in this area of law for 25 years. She is a member of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel, the AvMA (Action for Victims of Medical Accidents) Panel and been appointed to the Executive Committee…