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Electric Vehicles – Planning and property considerations

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The recent fuel crisis has got many people thinking about making the switch to electric, but the accessibility and convenience of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are currently a significant barrier to the transition.

The participation of property owners will be crucial to deliverability as charge locations will be required across the country in order to provide the required infrastructure.
In England, the National Planning Policy Framework sets out the government’s planning policies, providing a framework within which locally prepared plans for housing and other development can be produced. In the context of EVs, the Framework requires policies to:

  • Take account of the need to ensure an adequate provision of spaces for charging EVs when setting local parking standards for residential and non-residential development.
  • Ensure that when considering development proposals, the applications for development are designed to enable EV charging in safe, accessible and convenient locations.

The charging infrastructure equipment ownership and operation structure, as well as the entity which owns the relevant land, will drive the property arrangements in connection with installation and operation of the charging points.

Where someone other than the site owner (eg a business operating from commercially leased premises) will own and operate the charging infrastructure, the arrangements are likely to necessitate a lease and this may require the consent of the landlord’s lender. The owner and operator of the charging infrastructure will need to have adequate access rights for grid connection, on top of its access rights to the EV charging points themselves.

In the UK transport decarbonisation plan, published in July 2021, the government confirmed it would focus support for chargepoint installations on leaseholders from 2022

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Ika Částka


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