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Do You Want To Be On TV?

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

Not X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Master Chef or any of the other “instant celebrity” shows. In our example, you definitely don’t want to be the subject of a TV programme because we’re talking about Wills and Estates as featured on programmes such as ‘Heir Hunters’ which track down the heirs/beneficiaries of a deceased person (for a fee) so they can claim the estate (inheritance).

There’s nothing wrong with this business model but it could all be avoided if a Will was registered.

Do You Have to Register a Will?

Nine million+ people in the UK have their Wills registered with the National Will Register. It’s quick and easy to register, and the solicitor who drew up your Will can do it on your behalf if you prefer.

The benefits of registering a Will in the UK?

The executor (responsible for implementing the Will) may be unaware of the document’s location and if they can’t locate it, your estate will be dissolved according to the law of intestacy, which may not distribute your assets how you wanted.

An individual could conceal the existence of a Will because it’s in their interests for your estate to be dissolved according to the terms of a previous Will, or for the UK law of intestacy to be applied. Registering your Will makes it easier for the executor to locate it and so ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

How do you search for a Will in the UK?

The National Will Register is an invaluable aid to finding a Will in the UK – it will alert the solicitor who is storing it that you are looking for it: they can then get in touch and, once you have provided the necessary documentation, release it.

What other steps can I take to ensure that my Will is found after my death?

It’s preferable for there to be no need for a search at all. Wilson Browne offers a free Will storage service to clients whose Will we have drafted.

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