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Childhood Cancer

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In the UK and Ireland, around five children are diagnosed with cancer each week.

That is 1820 children each year. Unfortunately cancer remains the number one cause of death for disease in children, and sadly, 230 children die from cancer each year.

Although, cure rates for children are much higher than for most adult cancers. On average, 82% of all children survive their cancer for five years or more. For some types of children’s cancer, the cure rate is much higher. However, for some types of childhood cancer, cure rates are much lower and less progress has been made.

Unfortunately, spotting cancer in children can be difficult. Cancer symptoms can be vague and similar to other illnesses making it difficult to identify. Delaying the diagnosis can mean the cancer can grow and spread around the body.

The most common signs and symptoms to look for of cancer in children are:

  • Feeling very tired and/or pale skin
  • Persistent infections such as ear, throat and chest
  • Flu-like symptoms that don’t go away
  • Blood in urine, poo or when being sick
  • Bruising easily or a rash of small red spots
  • Sweating or fever especially at night
  • Aches and pains that do not go away, and may be worse at night
  • Unexplained new limp or leg weakness
  • Feeling a lump around the body
  • A white glow in the eye
  • Weight loss

Despite the extraordinary advancements medical science has made in recent years, cancer remains a leading cause of death. Therefore, it is important the signs of cancer in children are identified as quickly as they can in order to start treatment and have the best chance to survive this disease.

There are many charities that help families, who have to deal with cancer on a daily basis, such as:

  • Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group
  • Neuroblastoma UK
  • Children with Cancer UK.

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