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Busting Myths Of Dementia – Myth 1

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In support of dementia action week this week Vicki Pearce from our Court of Protection team highlights some of the myths about #Dementia  

Myth 1 : “Dementia is when a person just loses their memory”

 Dementia is more than memory issues.  People with dementia experience difficulties with:

  • Doing things
  • Thinking
  • Communication
  • Memory

These problems are interwoven causing confusion and difficulty with every day living.

Having dementia can mean that it becomes harder to remember what has happened recently; becomes difficult to learn new things and memories from the past can become more “real” as difficulties increase.

Lifetime memories build up and are stored but dementia makes it harder for these memories to be organised and accessed.

Difficulties with thinking can mean that it becomes hard to work out how to do every day tasks; difficult to concentrate and focus on tasks and lose track of what the person is doing.

The issues of caring for a loved one, acting for someone who has lost capacity or challenging care funding or care home funding arrangements is complex.

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Vicki Pearce


Vicki Pearce


Vicki is a Partner and head of our Private Client Team and our Care Funding and Court of Protection Team . She is based in Northampton. As head of both teams she is able to bring her expertise and obvious overlaps into both areas of…