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The Importance Of Business Mediation

Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

Successful mediation can result in an agreement of matters which may have originally appeared incapable of resolution.

Mediation brings the parties together and allows them to air their grievances in a constructive environment which can lead to the important preservation of both business relationships and productivity. Business mediation can be used to resolve both internal and external conflict and is increasingly seen by many clients as an effective alternative to settling a dispute in court.

As mediation is a voluntary process it is often brings parties together and allows them to air their grievances in a constructive environment. Business mediation works in over 80% of cases, saving time and legal fees. With courts actively encouraging mediation, parties are free to agree the terms of a contract and discuss a wider range of issues and options without the intrusion of court instructions. A mediator is a neutral observer who is not emotionally invested and can get through to the heart of the matter in order to open up discussions as to how to resolve the dispute.

Such examples of where mediation can be effective are with any boardroom disputes involving directors, shareholders and/or partners. Usually the root of a dispute is either down to poor drafting of agreements clearly outlining responsibilities or a failure of one party to understand the needs of the other.

During Covid-19, if you have found a dispute amongst your business management structure or between the business and an employee has arisen and you would like advice on what to do, contact Wilson Browne today. Our award winning team have already helped numerous clients to reach agreements in their disputes, saving them both considerably money and stress by not taking the matter to trial.

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Duncan Crowther


Duncan Crowther


Duncan is a Solicitor and Partner. He specialises in giving corporate & commercial, and employment advice to businesses and companies throughout the region. Duncan has a background in engineering and is well equipped to understand the most complex of contracts and issues facing businesses.