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Romance In The Office

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Some say romance is dead.

For many individuals romance often finds its way into the workplace with over 25% of employee’s confirming that they have a partner at work. It is often the case that with employee’s spending so much of their time at work it is a hive for romance to thrive, but what happens when things turn sour.

What can employers do?

Whilst employers cannot control who their employee’s date they can have policy’s in place to deal with romance in the office. For instance, a policy which will confirm how a relationship should be conducted so as to avoid the workplace becoming a toxic environment and having an effect on the productivity of other workers in the office. An employer should be vigilant in these areas, especially since the #metoo movement.

There are a number of employment law considerations when deciding whether, and if so, how, these romances should be treated in a business setting. More information in our article

Office romance is a “love contract” the answer?

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