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The Perils Of Buying Legal Advice On Price Alone.

“The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness Of Low Price Is Forgotten”

The growing popularity of supermarkets Aldi and Lidl is stark evidence (if any were needed) of the increasing willingness of people to shop around for the best prices and the same is true of many things, from car insurance to holidays and more.
Clients quite rightly, often shop around for legal services – comparing headline figures and making a fairly black and white decision.
The difference is that generally speaking people know more about what they want from a supermarket or a holiday than they do when they need legal services.  The prime steak in Aldi or soup ingredients from Lidl are things we understand. We buy them on the basis of cost and taste, and if the quality and results aren’t good we know straight away…and don’t shop there again.

The legal transaction – not so straightforward.

Invariably clients need lawyers when something has gone wrong or when they have no choice other than to instruct us: the classic ‘distress purchase’. Perhaps that is why there is often a temptation to spend as little as possible. To compound the difficulty in choosing a lawyer is the lack of understanding about what a transaction will involve.

  • A divorce may be fairly acrimonious and take a long time, or it might be agreed or mediated. The client does not always know that at that start when they choose a representative.
  • A Will should be “straightforward” so making your own to take the cost or seeking out the cheapest quote might seem to make sense.
  • Conveyancing adverts convince us of the merits of cut-price deals offered by large, bulk conveyancers.

Choosing the wrong legal representative can cost you many times over.

Choosing a lawyer is not all about price – it is about quality, experience and expertise.
We’re solicitors so we would say that, wouldn’t we?
Actually, increasingly solicitors are instructed when clients have taken the wrong advice or “saved” money on legal costs and things have gone wrong as a result. The rise in professional negligence claims and contested probate claims are just two examples of areas where problems in legal work lead to serious implications for a client (or their family) later on.
The moral of the tale? Check out your solicitor.
A number of our lawyers are featured in the Legal 500, a who’s who of the legal world; we a Northamptonshire Law Society Large Law Firm Of The Year 2017/2018, due to a number of factors including client care and quality advice; we were shortlisted for 2 national awards for ‘excellence’ in various categories; we hold numerous other accreditations and quality marks.
Our advice – look for a reputable firm that has the experience to help you and don’t make your decision on price alone.
After all, never more so than in legal work, quality isn’t expensive…it’s priceless!