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National Living Wage – concerns over job losses

From 1 April 2016 workers in the UK aged over 25 will be entitled to earn the National Living Wage, set initially at £7.20 (a 50p increase on the current national minimum wage, of £6.70) – click here for further information.

A report by the British Retail Consortium has, however, warned that the costs of the National Living Wage, along with the new apprenticeship levy, could see an increase in the rate of job cuts. It has been reported that as many as 900,000 jobs could be lost in the retail sector in the next decade –
The Chairman of the British Retail Consortium, Sir Charlie Mayfield, told the BBC that, whilst retailers supported the introduction of higher pay, the impact of the National Living Wage on employment would have to be looked at “carefully and objectively”.
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