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When you know you’re doing a good job as a business…

It’s OK to think you or your business is doing a good job during COVID: it’s another when an independent assessor undertakes a rigorous assessment of your business, its working practices, and its policies and procedures and confirms “top marks” for your efforts.

Lexcel Excellence in legal practice management and client care - Wilson Browne LLPWe had just such feedback during our Lexcel assessment – the quality mark for legal practices.

This isn’t just about bragging rights: it’s an affirmation that we have worked to a particularly high standard across the business, for the benefit of everyone including the staff, our clients and the wider community.

  • “The firm’s strategic plan has been fully revised in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • During the pandemic, the firm has been very active in terms of making its presence known, not so much from the point of view of marketing/selling in the traditional sense, but just in terms of “being there”.
  • It was one of the very first organisations to provide a coronavirus advice hub in Northamptonshire and believes that this has gone down very well in the area.
  • The firm has a Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan. This is kept under constant review.
  • The firm’s policies and procedures, contained in the office manual, have been revised and updated to reflect systems of work during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The firm has gone to great lengths to keep in touch with all personnel with regular email communications and personal telephone calls.
  • The firm is acutely aware not only of the physical risks associated with the coronavirus, but with the impact on people’s mental health as well. Interviewees speak favourably of the firm’s concern for them. The communications include furloughed staff as well as those still working in order to ensure that furloughed staff don’t feel out of the loop and forgotten.
  • The firm has a detailed “Working from Home” policy which has been fully updated in relation to the current pandemic.
  • All staff working at home have been in receipt of health and safety advice from the firm and Wilson Browne mascot with mask and large key to open doors or press lift buttonsall have been required to complete a health and safety assessment of their home-working environment using a form provided by the firm.
  • All personnel working in the offices have been provided with a brass device which resembles a large key. This device is designed to minimise contact with surfaces and can be used to open doors, press buttons etc.”
Wayne Jenkins


Wayne Jenkins

Business Development & Marketing Director

Wayne is an experienced Marketing and Business Development professional having worked in the UK, Europe and Asia for leading law and accountancy firms. His main responsibilities include the strategic direction of our offices in terms of marketing strategy; advertising (online and offline); social media; all…