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Dyslexic employee wins disability discrimination claim

An employee of Starbucks, who suffers with dyslexia, has successfully won a disability discrimination claim in the Employment Tribunal

As reported by the BBC, the Employment Tribunal heard that Ms Kumulchew had been accused of falsifying documents, when she had incorrectly recorded the fridge and water temperature. The Tribunal held that Starbucks had discriminated against Ms Kumulchew and had failed to make reasonable adjustments in respect of her dyslexia.
In accordance with the Equality Act, employers are under an obligation to make reasonable adjustments to aid and support employees with disabilities, including dyslexia. Reasonable adjustments for an employee with dyslexia will vary according to the nature of the individual’s dyslexia but could include, for example, providing screen reading and scanning software, giving verbal as well as written instructions and using voice mail as opposed to written memos.
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