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BBC Look East Investigation Sparks Concern Over Major Alleged Failings At Kettering General Hospital

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It has been widely reported that  the Skylark ward at Kettering General Hospital (KGH) in Northamptonshire could be forced to close, in the wake of reports/allegations of a number of instances the standard of care fell well below what was required.

The allegations relate to repeated failures to diagnose life-threatening illnesses and a number of instances where children were discharged when they in fact needed urgent medical intervention and care. The alarm was raised when an inquest found five major errors led to the death of baby Jorgie Stanton-Watts.

There are numerous allegations, all of which can be seen on the BBC’s website HERE

Louise Tyler is the Head of the Clinical Negligence (Medical Negligence) Team at Wilson Browne Solicitors, and is an expert in this field. She comments:

I am very concerned to read this article. I have been working with the Lester family and had thought Luke’s case to be an isolated incident and to read of the other cases that have followed is shocking. Kettering General had advised that they had learnt lessons and implemented changes to improve standards of care.

The CQCs recommendations must be implemented quickly to ensure the safety of the children needing to access local paediatric services. It is so important that this service is available otherwise it will leave families high and dry and having to travel to other hospitals who are already at capacity.

Louise is a member of both the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel, AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) Panel and has been appointed Secretary of the Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers (SCIL). Her membership of the specialist panels recognises her experience and confirms her expertise in representing clients with clinical negligence claims.

Contrary to what some may assume, the primary objective in these cases is to get answers in the hope of ensuring that history does not repeat itself, and that other parents do not have to go through the distress of what has (allegedly) happened here.

With the permission of the Lester family, we were able to say that we were already working with them as their child is one of those mentioned in the BBC article. We are also working with another family following the sad death of their son, which is directly related to this story. We have been doing so since before the story broke, and being familiar with the situation we are here to help other parents too. Should you need to contact her in matters relating to this story, Louise is willing to take calls on the matter, on the number listed.



Louise Tyler


Louise Tyler


Louise is the Head of the Medical Negligence Team working in this area of law for 25 years. She is a member of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel, the AvMA (Action for Victims of Medical Accidents) Panel and been appointed to the Executive Committee…