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A Predicted ‘Tsunami’ Of Medical Negligence Claims

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Medical negligence lawyers anticipating COVID compensation ‘tsunami’ due to COVID-19.

Medical negligence lawyers have been told to expect a ‘tsunami of claims’ (a phrase that is increasingly repeated in relation to treatment, or rather lack of it, during the COVID pandemic) within the coming months, and years, over concerns that delayed diagnosis and treatment were not been prioritised during the pandemic.

Tests and treatments have been deferred since March 2020, and many will have found that their condition has deteriorated or their prognosis is much worse as a result of COVID.

During the pandemic, general health concerns have been deemed low priority by the NHS, with GP practices closed, non-urgent operations postponed and primary care services suspended.

Now that, restrictions have been easing, and in the hope that we will be out of lockdown soon, patients will want the same service they would have received prior to the pandemic.

However, a recent government report suggests that there could be up to 200,000 people who will die unnecessarily due to health care delays that have been caused by COVID.

The Journal Lancet Oncology predict that delays in treatment since the pandemic could lead to 3,500 avoidable cancer deaths in the next five years. Just alone with cancer, approximately 2.5 million people have been affected by the suspension of all cancer services due to the pandemic and the waiting list now is at an all-time high.

That being said, there will be a huge number of challenges, as the hospitals have no doubt been in demand, and with medical negligence cases, the medical records are key. It is therefore important that the medical professionals are clearly recording how decisions have been made during this period.

Not every claim will be successful, and compensation for these unfortunate instances will depend solely on a case by case basis.

Neelam Yusaf


Neelam Yusaf


Neelam is a Solicitor within the Medical Negligence Team. The Team handles a wide range of Medical Negligence cases against NHS Hospital Trusts, General and Private Practitioners.