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Guide To Squatter Evictions In London Commercial Premises

As a managing agent of commercial property in the high-demand and expensive London market…

…you will already be aware of the difficulties that can be caused by a client’s premises being left empty.

It was estimated in February 2016 by Policy Exchange (a leading UK think-tank and Educational Charity) that there are more than 500 hectares of empty or underutilized industrial land across London which is equivalent to over 750 football pitches.

Sophisticated squatters

A very real threat during this time is that empty commercial premises can become occupied by squatters who often move from one industrial unit to another and can be highly organised and efficient. To compound the problem, there are groups set up to advise squatters of their legal rights such as the Advisory Service For Squatters.

What about the Police?

Inevitably, Police forces are stretched and will not involve themselves in removing squatters from commercial premises, let alone in the country’s capital, where the London Metropolitan Police force is as stretched as any.

The only safe remedy is for your client to take action in the Civil Courts. If your client is not an expert in the law then they can be frustrated in obtaining an order from the Courts which can result in increased legal costs, further loss of rental income and damage to their commercial premises.

Why choose us?

Disregard the fact that we’re just a short hop up the motorway – most of our work in this field can be done remotely as evidenced by the number of London clients we already have.

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  • We were recently shortlisted for 2 national awards for excellence by the LAw Society of England and Wales.
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We have the connections (including London) to provide expert but timely advice…at a price that your clients will appreciate (we can provide the same high level of expertise but without the London overheads).

With our experience we can give your clients access to leading London Chambers and High Court Enforcement Officers that ensure the process is dealt with quickly and efficiently, with the benefit being, squatters are removed quickly and the premises are secured to prevent re-entry.

How quickly can we act?

Very recently we obtained a Possession Order from a County Court in London in the morning and then arranged for an application to be made to High Court two hours later and obtained a Writ of Possession.

This meant that the squatters were evicted from the premises shortly afterwards by High Court enforcement officers.

To find out more or for a free initial discussion contact David Farmer.  David is an Associate in our Commercial Litigation team and is a member of the Property Litigation Association.