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Reasons to choose Wilson Browne

Patents are granted to protect inventions (whether that be for a product or a process) and, like trade marks, can be registered at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and once registered, are a monopoly right.

Remember, a monopoly right is one which gives you an exclusive right, meaning others cannot use your right without your permission.

As patents are a monopoly right, it is possible for someone to infringe a patent by coincidence but most importantly, it will depend what was registered at the IPO. When registering a patent, you must disclose technical information about the invention and this is stored on a centralised register.

An act will only infringe a patent if it has the ability to fall within the claims on the register.

Remedies also fall within those generally available in cases of infringement for most IP rights, namely, injunctions, delivery up, damages or an account of profits.