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Business leaders urge ministers to encourage people back to the office

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There is an increasing urge from a group of business leaders has urged ministers to “set the country clearly on the path to recovery” by encouraging people to return to the office.

A member of our Employment team comments on the current situation.

“For many, the jury is still out on whether office based working trumps the homeworking arrangement which many businesses have been forced to adopt throughout the pandemic. While some businesses have decided that homeworking is their future, a group of some 50 business leaders have written to the Prime Minister to urge that he actively encourages people to return to work in the office.

There are, without a doubt, pros and cons for each side of the debate but they want the PM to steer clear from unambiguous messages and instead, giving clear guidance (and more importantly reassurance!) to all about the safety of public transport and shared office workspaces – rather than implementing homeworking as the default modus operandi.

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is that we are all connected in one way or another – and the impact of having minimal commuter (and/or worker) footfall within city centres has resulted in a significant amount of job losses. To this end, they believe that an overarching message for employees to return to the office will help to reap the benefits in many other aspects, whether that be the operation of public transport at full capacity or helping out your local coffee shop on your way to work.

Whether your business implements a full or hybrid return to its premises, there are a number of measures that must be taken with health, safety and employee well-being being of paramount importance. And, at the heart of those measures, a communication plan will be key to successfully transitioning to your organisation’s new “norm.”

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